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The nickname is new. The neighborhood is not. TriBeCa stands for the “Triangle Below Canal,” a pristinely modern residential and finance area bordered on the north by Canal Street, on the east by Broadway, on the west by the Hudson River, and on the south by Vesey Street. 

TriBeCa is one of the oldest sectors of New York City, dating back to the earliest years of settlement. And while the bedrock of the city explains its historic architecture and elegance, it’s also a neighborhood that loves trends and transition. The vast industrial spaces that make their home here, which once attracted artists in the ‘70s and ‘80s for their scale, are multi-million dollar lofts home to great fame and even greater fortune. No wonder TriBeCa is considered the coolest place to live in Manhattan. 

Home to first-rate restaurants, boutiques, designer stores, art galleries, and an incredible antique market, the neighborhood also knows how to turn the night into a club scene. The opening of the Tribeca Grand Hotel in May 2000 marked the first luxury hotel in the neighborhood. Now there is nothing this neighborhood doesn’t have.

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